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Rules for League. Empty Rules for League.

Post  Infamous on Wed Jun 01, 2011 1:16 pm

League Admins are :
- Supergirl
- Anna

Player Rules:
Players competing in Postal League must adhere to the following rules at all times. Team management and/or leadership is responsible for ensuring that all members of their team understand and follow these rules set forth hereafter. At no time will ignorance of these rules be considered a valid defense. Teams that violate these rules are subject to penalties ranging from suspension of individual players or teams up to removal of a team or player from the league (suspension/ban). If you do not understand these rules clearly, it is your responsibility to make sure you get help from an administrator so that you do.

All registrants are required to display the highest standards of conduct and observe common sportsmanship at all times. Profanity, harassment, derogation of one's religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender, defamation of RWS, their staff or affiliates, and/or other unsportsmanlike conduct, whether during or not during match play, will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension of offending player(s).

Clan Tag Smurfing:
No league player at anytime shall use another clans tag or a league players name. The clan tag or player name being smurfed does not need to be active for this rule to apply. Clan Tag/Player Name smurfing will not be tolerated and may result in the suspension of offending player(s).

Know the time. All matches are scheduled in GMT + 1. Here is a site that will help you determine the time of your match. Check your time zone Here
The admins will schedule all matches.
Team leaders or an acting leader of the team will be given the password and the team color for their team the evening prior to the match.
Players are to be in the server 10 minutes prior to match time with their clan tags and proper names on as well as on the proper team coordinating with the team color that has been chosen for them. This would be a good time for players to remain in spawn areas and discuss amongst themselves their strategies and what not.
If the maximum amount of players (4) has not shown for a team, there will be a 10 minute grace period for them to show to the server. Once the grace period time has expired, if there is the minimum amount of players (4) required, the match will begin. If not then a forfeit will be called. Once the match has begun a late player may not join.

Matches, Maps & Servers:
A match consists of 3 rounds. A different map will be played for each round. Two out of three rounds wins the match. Time limit is set to 20 mins. The team with the most points wins.
Server choices:
-Home Team: The 2 maps (3 if needed) will be chosen by the home team. They will be able to choose one of the following league servers: NY (OPP server), or Embassy (Opp server)
-Away Team: They will have to play the maps chosen by the home team. They will play on the server chosen by the Home Team.

-Playoffs: Each leader picks the map they want to play, if there is a 3rd map the leader of the team whose rank was higher on the League Classification will pick it. The team whose rank was higher will be able to choose the server as well.
Best of 3 maps wins.


Aimbotting / Wallhack and others modified files:
Anyone caught with an aimbot or any cheat/file program will be banned immediately. Admins will do everything in their power to get proper proof of the aimbot. With that being said, sometimes the proof may come after the match and we reserve the right to back track and call a forfeit of said match. Regardless, proof is not required for the admin to call the game, we can call it on our expert opinion. While we do understand that providing proof is the right thing to do for the community, sometimes an obvious aimbot to us may not be so obvious to the standard player. In addition to this, an admin may at any time during the game ask a specific player to take a screen shot of the match. We have a reason for this and there is really no need to elaborate on the reason but if the ref in the game asks you for a screen shot, you had better be able to provide it immediately following the end of the match. If said screen shot can not be provided then your team will forfeit the match and the player may face suspension.

Just don't do it It's a league and what fun would it be with cheating? This includes: using map holes, key binds, taunts, glitches, etc etc, to try and fuck the other team. There are a few other *known cheats* but those of you who know them, should know better than to use one in a league match. Let's NOT list them here but please feel free to PM an admin about a cheat you think is new and unknown. That admin will share with the others and if the final agreement is that it is not a cheat, we will tell you (we will test it, trust me). If it is an actual cheat. We will thank you for making us aware of it!

Key Binding:
Some binds are not alowded to be used, if you got one of the disallowded bind, you will not be able to join the server, so please check your settings before a match. By the way, aneurism, taunt burnme and taunt s_suicide2 are not available anymore, don't try to type them.

Map Glitchs:
Some maps may have bugs, like ways to go outside or being teleported to another location by being stuck. We are working to fix all glitch from all maps used during the league. If a player abuse of a map, the admin is free to kick the player until the end of the match.

Glitches / Bugs / server problems:
If you find a bug, a glitch or a problem with a server, please tell the admin who will try his best to fix the problem.
Also suicide key is not available anymore,If your character is stuck, please ask the admin to help you.

The deliberate use of any exploits aka glitches, taunts and/or keybinds in an official match will result in the forfeiture of that round by the offending team. The second offense will result in the offending player being suspended from the league for the 60 days. The third offense will result in the offending player’s suspension for the remainder of the season as well as one season to follow. In all cases, the league admins will make final determination on whether something is an exploit.

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Rules for League. Empty Re: Rules for League.

Post  Infamous on Tue Jun 07, 2011 11:43 am

I had to make a quick update to the rules. Min player requirements: 4 player. If anyone else other than RAtZ team has any objections let me know.

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